Monday, December 19, 2005

Important Foreign Political News

Afghanistan Inaugurates Elected Parliament
KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan inaugurated its first popularly elected parliament in more than three decades Monday, a major step toward democracy following the ouster of the hardline Taliban. Full Story

Bolivia's presidential race
Evo Morales Vows to Stop U.S.'s Anti-Coca Programs
COCHABAMBA, Bolivia — The leftist who claimed victory in Bolivia's presidential race on Monday repeated his promise to end a U.S.-backed program to eradicate coca plants, saying the crop that provides the raw material for cocaine is part of Bolivian culture. Full Story
Morales has been an irritant for Washington for years while he has built close ties with Cuban President Fidel Castro and Chavez. A State Department report earlier this year referred to him as an "illegal-coca agitator."
Evo Morales has promised to become Washington's "nightmare"!!

Russian Intelligence Chief: U.S. Bases Near Russia a 'Threat'
MOSCOW — Russia's foreign spy chief said military forces from other countries deployed at bases along Russia's periphery are a threat to the nation, a Russian news agency reported Monday.
In comments that appeared directed at U.S. forces deployed on bases in former Soviet countries, the Interfax news agency quoted Sergei Lebedev, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, as saying that Russia no longer had a "main adversary" as during the Cold War. Full Story


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