Saturday, December 03, 2005

Simple mesh gave Iraqi woman hope

A simple piece of mesh, costing just £65 in the UK, was able to save an young Iraqi woman from a life of misery and rejection.
The woman had suffered a severe prolapsed uterus and doctors in Iraq feared they might have to give her radical surgery or even a hysterectomy.
This would have meant that the 23-year-old would probably have been left sterile and might never marry.
UK experts say that because of the value placed in Iraq on marriage and the ability to have children, that this woman would probably have been ostracised, been a financial burden on her family and might even have taken her own life to escape what she saw as her increasing shame. Click here: Full Story

"The girl was a farmer doing heavy jobs with lifting. She was a virgin and
apart from the problem with her prolapsed uterus she was in good health.

"It was very successful.

Andrew Mathieson, (pictured above) a senior lecturer from the
University of the West of England, who organised the Iraq trip in June, said
that without the surgery he had feared for the girl's life.

"By the age of 30 she would have probably killed herself.

"The common form of suicide is for such girls to pour petrol over
themselves and ignite it. They die in agony as a result of the severe burns.

"When you get an opportunity like this you seize it. It was the
first time this operation had been carried out in Southern Iraq
everything worked like a dream thanks to Charles Cox Kim Hinshaw and Andrew

A wonderful story coming from Iraq, so happy for this young girl.


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