Friday, January 12, 2007


Developing Now....Breaking News!!!!

Via Fox News: Report: FBI Finds Missing Missouri Teen Alive With Boy Who Went Missing in 2002
FBI agents stormed a house Friday in Kirkwood, Mo., and found missing 13-year-old Ben Ownby in the company of another missing boy, Shawn Hornbeck, who vanished in April 2002, according to a report by KTVI in St. Louis, Mo.
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**UPDATE**Via MyFoxSt.Louis:
William Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck were found Friday afternoon in an apartment in Kirkwood. Ben, 13, went missing on Monday after getting off his school bus near his Beaufort, Missouri home. Sources tell FOX 2 News that the FBI stormed a house in Kirkwood and found Ben along with Shawn Hornbeck who had been missing since 2002. Hornbeck was last seen riding his bike on Oct. 6 in Richwoods, MO.

Police say they went to serve a search warrant and that resulted in the recovery.
Both boys appear to be okay. They will be checked out.
There was a tip on the truck that led them to the area.[read more]

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Fla Baby Bryan Missing Nationwide Amber Alert

Via Fox News:
Hunt for 'dangerous' woman who snatched 1-month-old from mom at knifepoint in Fort Myers, Fla.
Search Continues for 1-Month Old Abducted in Florida; Suspect Sketch to be Released
FORT MYERS, Fla. — A forensic artist on Monday is expected to develop a sketch of the woman Fort Myers police believe abducted a one-month-old baby at knifepoint.

Police say little Bryan Santos Gomes and his mother were kidnapped Friday by a woman driving a black Sport utility vehicle. Authorities say the mother, Maria Fatima Ramos Dos Santos, was released south of Fort Myers a short time later, but the abductor kept the baby. [read more]

Anyone with information about the baby is asked to contact the Fort Myers Police Department at 239-338-2120 or call 911.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Missouri Judge Larry Meyer Sentences Rapist Probation

Missouri Judge Larry Meyer sentenced (child rapist) Kenneth Slaght to probation, how despicable is that? The little 9-year old girl was in the care of her STEP-GRANDFATHER!

What is happening in our world for child rapists to walk free with our country's judges opening the door for them? This makes me so sick and disgusted.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Florida will Execute Danny Rolling on Wednesday

In late Aug 1990, Danny Rolling murdered five young people, three days in a row, the weekend before the fall semester began at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The brutal details included Rolling stabbing and mutilating his victims, sexually assaulted three of the four women and decapitated three different murder scenes.

The Five Young Lives that fell victim to Rolling's savagery are:

Sonya Larson, 18 of Deerfield Beach (Williamsburg Village Apartments)
Christina Powell, 17, of Jacksonville (shared apartment with Sonya Larson)
Christa Hoyt, 18, of Archer (lived alone in a duplex)
Tracy Inez Paules, 23, of Miami (Gatorwood Apartments)
Manuel R. Taboada, 23, of Carol City (shared apartment with Tracy Paules)

Sonya Larson's mom, Ada said "He's trying to get out of it by saying it's cruel and unusual punishment," she went on to say "How can [lethal injection] be cruel, considering what he did? It's a cakewalk, compared to what he did.....I think he ought to be stabbed as many times as he stabbed all his victims."

This monster deserves the death penalty and I am glad Florida carries it out, unfortunately for the families of the victims, they have had to wait more than 16 years and more than 12 after Rolling's confessions in the courtroom. On Wednesday scheduled at 6 p.m. and hoping for no last-minute delays, Danny Rolling will be injected for his day with death in Starke.

It is somewhat ironic, one of the victims, Sonya Larson, her brother Jim Larson was married to Carla that grew up in Pompano Beach, after Sonya's death, seven years later, 1997 in Orlando, Carla was abducted from a grocery store parking lot. Her dead nude body was found in a field two days later. Her killer, John Huggins sits on the same Death Row as Rolling. At that time, Jim and Carla had a sweet little 13 month old daughter, that Jim Larson's life revolves around now raising her. My heart and prayers go out to all the families.....Many gathered this past week in Broward County to celebrate the young lives that were cut is very sad that such evil exist and lurks among us...then and now.

The full story can be read at the South FLorida Sun-Sentinel.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A 14 year old Child Held in B U N K E R

This is horrific.....We remember the other sicko in South Carolina....The evil in the world just keeps getting worse and worse. Thank God Elizabeth Shoaf is now safe.

Cops Arrest Suspect in Case of Teen Who Text-Messaged Mom After Kidnapping via Fox News.
LUGOFF, S.C. — Authorities early Sunday arrested a man they suspect kidnapped a 14-year-old girl who was able to send a cell phone text message to her mother, leading to her rescue from a booby-trapped bunker where she had been held for as long as 10 days.
Investigators arrested 37-year-old Vinson Filyaw on Interstate 20 in Richland County about 24 hours after rescuing Elizabeth Shoaf, said Sheriff Steve McCaskill in neighboring Kershaw County.
Filyaw will be charged with kidnapping, possession of an incendiary device and impersonating an officer, he said.
He said more charges likely will follow after investigators interview Shoaf. Police are letting her rest but probably will talk to her Monday about the Sept. 6 abduction and ordeal that followed.
"The big relief was when we found Elizabeth Shoaf alive and well," McCaskill said. "But it is a great relief when you get criminal of this type out of society and behind bars."

Shoaf was found by deputies about a mile from her home in a 15-foot deep hole in the side of a hill that was covered with plywood. The bunker had a hand-dug privy with toilet paper, a camp stove and shelves made with cut branches and canvas. [read more]

This is the second case this year in South Carolina involving an abducted teenage girl taken to an underground hideout.
Kenneth Hinson of Hartsville is charged with kidnapping two 17-year-old girls March 14 and taking them to a closet-sized dungeon behind his home. Authorities said the girls freed themselves and walked to safety, and Hinson was captured after a four-day manhunt.

I reported on Hinson (pictured dungeon) back in March also living in South Carolina....I am so glad that S.C. has passed a new law to put these monsters on death row.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Good Bye to The Blogging Tories Blogroll (UPDATED)

I have been endorsing The Blogging Tories Blogroll for almost a year without my blog listed. I have family, friends, a business partner and readers that reside in Canada and I visit frequently Canadian Blogs. In addition, I post on Canada news occasionally. Unfortunately, I was informed that my blogs were not acceptable to be added to their blogroll. There is a link to join and it did not state you had to live in Canada to place their icon, roll on your blog and join, only to email Stephen or Craig that you had added them to your site. Sounds alittle misleading to me for endorsing their site.

Sorry friends and readers that visit their site from this blog, you will have to go through other means to find their site from this point on. Very soon, this removal of their blog roll will no longer be on my main blog site either and this post will be transferred to Assorted Babble. Note: The link above will be removed in the near future and wishing them the best with their website. Bye-Bye!!


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Attention to my friends and Barry at Blogs for Fox, Blogs for Condi, The Royal Flush, and many other conservative blogs that endorse their site, this may be something to consider. At least, Captain Ed was allowed on there.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Kids Need Protection

A blogger friend of mine, Jessica wrote me about Debbie that owns the site Kids Need Protection and her call for help and support at this time. Let me start by inserting from her website and some information.
I've been catching sexual offenders for 10 years now but for the past 6 years the focus of my work has mainly been catching child pedophiles on the Internet and I have put many behind bars. More
On the main home page, you will find a list under -- Facts every parent should know
About My Work For The Children...
I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to catching sexual offenders. My two children were sexually abused at a day care center by a pedophile. My daughter was only 2-years-old at the time. It totally and utterly devastated me. I never want another child to have to experience that.

I've been catching sexual offenders for 10 years now but for the past 6 years the focus of my work has mainly been catching child pedophiles on the Internet and I have put many behind bars. The children's success stories have been featured in many newspapers and magazines. Each time I close a case I consider it another victory for the children. I have volunteered my time over the last decade and have made it my personal mission to save children from sexual offenders. I created this web site so that more parents and children would become aware of the danger that awaits online. The Internet can be a wonderful tool when used properly. However, parents must educate themselves regarding the good and the bad so that they can teach their children how to use it safely. I am asking all concerned parents to join me in the fight against child pornography and sexual abuse. My personal motto has always been that "I will save the children", but 2 is always better than one, and through volunteer work or donations; together, we can save the children.
Thank God for people like Debbie and others that go over and beyond to help protect our nation's children, that includes your children too. Please go and visit Debbie's site and if your heart leads you, I'm sure that your email, support, and/or anything you can contribute would be more than appreciated. Sometimes just a thank you can make a huge difference.

Just an added note: Debbie has appeared on the Montel Williams TV Show and the section under In the News -- Crime Net Weekly conducts a Special Feature Interview, please be sure to read it.

Right now, Debbie truly needs help to keep her site up and I ask for ones if possible to post on Kids Need Protection, hopefully with all the readers that visit our blogs...this can be one small step forward to help the children against these monster pedophiles that wish harm our children.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Polygamist Warren Jeffs Finally Arrested in Las Vegas

Finally, Polygamist Warren Steed Jeffs, 50, a leader of a cult polygamous sect, arrested outside Las Vegas, NV late Monday night. Hopefully now, many of his victims will feel safe enough to come forward with their testimony. It breaks my heart to know that these children and many of the women have been forced to live this lifestyle for this long.

Via Fox News: Fugitive Polygamist Sect Leader Arrested in Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS — The charismatic leader of a polygamous sect was captured during a traffic stop three months after being put on the FBI's Most Wanted List and faces charges he arranged marriages between underage girls and older men.

Warren Steed Jeffs, 50, was arrested without incident just outside Las Vegas late Monday after more than a year on the run, the FBI said. No weapons were found, but the 2007 red Cadillac Escalade he was riding in was filled with items including three wigs, 15 cell phones and tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gift cards, authorities said.

Jeffs has led the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2002 and is said to have at least 40 wives and nearly 60 children. Church dissidents say that underage marriages — some involving girls as young as 13 — escalated into the hundreds under his leadership, and that he broke apart families by casting out married men and reassigning their women and children to others.

John E. Lewis, special agent in charge of the FBI Phoenix division said...... Items inside the vehicle included $54,000 (euro42,160) in cash, gift cards totaling $10,000 (euro7,800), the cell phones and wigs, four laptop computers, a GPS device, a police scanner, and numerous unopened envelopes that were thought to contain more cash.

Two other people were traveling with Jeffs - wife Naomi Jeffs and a brother, Isaac Steed Jeffs, both 32. They were later released.

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Charges DROPPED against John Mark Karr

Oh how I wished the DNA would have matched this freaky pedo....We can only hope that Sonoma County, Calif. will impose a prison sentence on this dangerous sicko from 'misdemeanor child pornography charges' from 2001 and lock him behind bars. Personally, I'm glad that the D.A. Mary Lacy snatched up Karr in Thialand....She may have saved many little girls from being molested or even worse killed.. Deep inside, I feel this pedo is a danger to society and he will only get more determined.
If ones listened to his confessions, tapes, and read his prior would have to believe that there was reason to look closer at this sick individual as a possible suspect. No one can still account from his whereabouts from Dec 23-Jan 4 in 1996.

Karr was about to start a teaching job in Thailand, and in his correspondence began to describe an interest in several girls "in much the same terms that he had described his interest in JonBenet," Lacy said in court papers.

Via Breitbart AP: Prosecutor Defends Choice to Pursue Karr: The district attorney who dropped charges against the man arrested in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case said Tuesday that there have been calls for her to be "tarred and feathered" and "run out of town," but she said the evidence wasn't there to convict John Mark Karr
Karr confessed and described the 6-year-old girl's death in detail, but the prosecutors faced a major hurdle because so much physical evidence has been made public, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said. Authorities also couldn't confirm that Karr was in Boulder at the time of the slaying.

More Via AP: Prosecutors Drop Case in Ramsey Slaying
Via ABC News: Karr Crash: True Obsession, False Confession


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

John Mark Karr Confesses to Killing JonBenet Ramsey

John Mark Karr confesses to killing little JonBenet Ramsey and was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand. Just look at that picture, this creepy sicko says it was an accident and he loved her.

It makes you wonder just how many of other children that have been at risk for all these years before and after the terrible murder of little JonBenet Ramsey by this convicted creep. Most of these sickos stay under radar and commit crimes without being caught until they slip up. Very disturbing!!

For more information click here for Assorted Babble.

Via Drudge Report:
Big breakthrough in case...
Suspect obsessed by child slayings...
Charged with murder, kidnapping and sexual assault...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Killer Confesses to Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey

GREAT, GREAT NEWS!!! A ten year old cold case is broken today with a suspect, John Karr confessing to killing Jon Benet Ramsey.

Via Fox News: BOULDER, Colo. — A man arrested in Thailand is being held in connection with the slaying nearly a decade ago of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, U.S. officials said Wednesday.
Colorado authorities scheduled a news conference Thursday to discuss the case, but declined further comment.
The awful murder happened a day after Christmas, on Dec. 26, 1996 and the world was shocked by this precious child's death. Many suspected Jon Benet's mother, Patsy Ramsy that died recently, for all these years. The latest breaking news, the killer has been emailing Patsy Ramsey prior to her death from his jail cell in Bangkok, Thailand. John Karr has been behind bars for unrelated sexual charges.

This story is still breaking with new details and experts speaking on information that only the killer would know involving the death.
Federal officials familiar with the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the man was already being held in Bangkok on unrelated sex charges. Media reported that the suspect, a 41-year-old second-grade teacher, will be brought back to the United States this weekend.
The girl was found beaten and strangled in the basement of the family's home in Boulder, Colo., on Dec. 26, 1996.
If you remember the ramson note was for $118,000, it was explained earlier Jon Benet's father, John had just recieved a bonus for that odd number amount. John Karr has connections to both Boulder, Co and Ga.

The Ramsey's attorney will be making a statement within this hour.(Live News Conference)

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006

U.S. White House Fact Sheet:
Today, President Bush Signed The Adam Walsh Child Protection And Safety Act Of 2006. This law marks an important step forward in our Nation's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It will strengthen Federal laws to protect our children from sexual and other violent crimes, prevent child pornography, and make the Internet safer for our sons and daughters.
The White House - President Bush's Press Release and transcript.

In Washington, D.C. today, President Bush signed a long awaited bill to be a new law, in the rose garden. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

Via Fox News: Bush Signs Bill to Keep Tabs on Convicted Child Molesters
WASHINGTON — President Bush, joined by "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, signed a new law Thursday that requires convicted child molesters to be listed on a national Internet database and face a felony charge for failing to update their whereabouts.
"Our nation grieves with every family that's suffered the unbearable pain of a child whose been abducted or abused," Bush said in a bill-signing ceremony in the Rose Garden. "This law takes an important step forward in this country's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

As I watched the ceremony today, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. There are several of us bloggers that joined in on this fight the last year....and it has been a long road, but nothing compared to the victims' families and friends. This day is a day to rejoice, because from now on with these extremely tough, stern laws, these creeps will hopefully think twice before committing crimes against children.

Twenty-five years to the day, John Walsh and his wife had their precious son, Adam taken from them by abduction then thereafter murdered. There are two ways to look at this victory for how long it took to get this bill signed into law. Twenty-five years the Walshs' have been fighting for tougher laws or two years that it has taken to pass the Senate. So many people have supported this bill from both aisles, with some strong arm twisting of Senator Ted Kennedy finally.....I mean finally it was passed and SIGNED into LAW. (tons of information on this in my archives-Assorted Babble) This past year, many of us have encouraged our readers to write, call, and continue to send messages to Capital Hill to pass tougher laws to protect our children including the Jessica Lunsford Law.

This is a huge victory for our most vulnerable, our nation's innocent children, that depend on adults to protect them. Now, thanks to all involved, this tough new law, signed by our President will help protect our children from sex offenders. Hooray for the Children!!!

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A Previous Post: (one of many)
03/02/06 Take Action America-HR4472 Child Safety Act of 2005

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Va. Man Gets 150 Year Prison Sentence for Child Porn

If only, other Liberal Judges would sentence these monsters with appropriate prison terms.

Via AP : Va. man gets 150 years for child porn

WASHINGTON - A Virginia man was sentenced to 150 years in prison for sexually exploiting minors and operating child pornography Web sites. Gregory John Mitchel, who previously had been convicted of child pornography crimes, pleaded guilty in January to the production, distribution, sale and possession of child pornography.

Mitchel, 39, was sentenced Friday in federal court in Roanoke, the U.S. Attorney's office for the Western District of Virginia said.

Officials found that Mitchel, of Dublin, Va., assisted in the daily operation of child pornography Web sites and filmed videos of minors engaging in sex acts.

Mitchel was implicated by Justin Berry, 19, who for five years starred in his own Web cam child pornography business and has testified before Congress about Internet child pornography. [read more]

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Judge Stopped Trial for John Couey

Unbelievable, now this trial will be delayed.... to be relocated to another Florida county.

Via Fox News: Judge Halts Jury Selection in Jessica Lunsford Case
TAVARES, Fla. — The judge in the murder trial of a man accused of killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford has stopped jury selection because he says an impartial panel can't be found in the area.

The judge stopped the process on Thursday after attorneys spent three days weeding out potential jurors who had been exposed to news reports about the case. The judge said the case has to be moved farther from Citrus County. [read more]
Via South Florida Sun-Sentinel excerpt:
Attorneys spent three days this week weeding out potential jurors who knew of news reports about the case. Howard had moved jury selection to Tavares in Lake County because of pervasive publicity in Citrus County, where the alleged crimes occurred and where Jessica's body was found in March 2005.

But Howard said Thursday the case has to be moved farther from away. It was not immediately clear where and when the trial will be held. Howard said it will be somewhere outside the judicial circuit that includes Citrus, Lake, Marion, Sumter and Hernando counties in central Florida. [read full article]

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Monday, July 10, 2006

First Day of Trial for Monster John Couey

Today starts the trial of Killer John Couey.
This trial case is going to be heart breaking and difficult to cover. I want to see it over with, so hopefully time will fly until he is put to death.

Via Sun-Sentinel
TAVARES -- Potential jurors were questioned for the first time Monday for the murder trial of a convicted sex offender accused of kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford.

John Evander Couey, 47, appeared in court wearing a gray suit as officials began preliminary questioning of a pool of 284 potential jurors. Jessica's father, Mark Lunsford, sat in court behind the prosecutors' table, across the courtroom from Couey, a former neighbor.

Another Excerpt:
Because of the pervasive publicity in the county, state Circuit Judge Ric Howard moved jury selection to Tavares in Lake County, northwest of Orlando.

Before beginning jury selection, Howard ruled that defense attorney Dan Lewan could not question Mark Lunsford about his finances or introduce evidence of pornography found in the delete bin of a computer in his home after his daughter disappeared.

Howard also said he would decide later on a motion by Lewan to keep the jury from seeing photographs of Jessica's body. Lewan said the photos are ``difficult to look at'' and would be prejudicial.

The state's job to convict Couey was made more difficult when Howard ruled June 30 that his taped confession could not be used as evidence in the trial because investigators had ignored his requests for an attorney.Howard ruled, however, that prosecutors can still use the discovery of Jessica's body buried outside the mobile home where Couey had been living, as well as a bloody mattress from the mobile home that has Jessica's DNA on it.

Other incriminating statements he made later to investigators and a jail guard also can be used during the trial. Prosecutors say they are confident they have enough evidence to convict him. [read more]

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Bond Set for Mary Winkler in Selmer TN

Breaking: The Judge in the Mary Winkler case in Selmer, TN just now set the bond for $750,000. Her attorney was upset and had hoped for the amount to be around $25,000. Humm....

Please view previous post for more information. Click here.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

John Couey's Confession Thrown out by FL Judge

Friday..OUTRAGOUS NEWS Alert.....Sat. UPDATED Info listed below...

Via Fox News
ORLANDO, Fla. — The confession of a man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford isn't admissible in court, but the discovery of her body can be used as evidence, a judge ruled Friday.

John Evander Couey, a 47-year-old convicted sex offender, gave the confession to detectives, but also told them that he wanted to consult a lawyer. He wasn't given the opportunity to do so.

Jessica Marie Lunsford was found kneeling and clutching a stuffed animal, hands tied with speaker wire and fingers poking through the garbage bags in which she was buried alive in March 2005. Two days earlier, Couey told detectives he kidnapped, raped and killed the 9-year-old girl.

As I wrote on Assorted Babble: Oh my Lord, this is terrible and my heart and prayers go to the Lunsford family right now that must be totally devastated. One thing that can bring some comfort is that the police have so much evidence against this monster....that he will definitely die and be found guilty along with the death sentence. John Couey, this scum of the earth goes to trial next week.

South FL Sun-Sentinel Sat's article stated Circuit Judge Ric Howard threw out the confession, as we now know, to the Citrus Co Sheriff's detectives because they did not allow Couey to speak with an attorney after him asking for one. However, Howard is allowing two exchanges in which Couey did admit guilt. One discussion was with detectives while they collected hair samples and the other from a Citrus Co. jail guard, Kenneth Slanker, Couey summoned to his cell. The conversations were not recorded, but in the disposition of the guard Couey expressed remorse for what he had done.

Prosecutor Rick Ridgeway submitted evidence found at the mobile home, where Couey was living and the DNA matched positive to little precious Jessica's DNA.

The death penalty is being sought by the prosecutors for the charges, that Couey pleaded not guilty to; Premeditated murder, burglary, kidnapping, and sexual battery.

July 10th, the trial and jury selection are expected to begin. Jessie's dad, Mark Lunsford said the ruling didn't concern him: "I don't care -they're still going to get him. I say "Amen"and "Couey's days are limited on this earth."

Time Stamp updated with this additional info.
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Friday, June 30, 2006

Mary Winkler's Statement Read in TN Court Friday

Sat July 1st reported....Via Sun-Sentinel: SELMER, Tenn. · A minister's wife charged with murdering her husband told police she shot him after they argued over family finances and then told him "I'm sorry" as he lay dying in their bedroom, according to testimony at a bond hearing Friday.

Mary Winkler, 32, has been jailed without bond since March 23, accused of killing her husband, Matthew Winkler, 31, at their Church of Christ parsonage in Selmer, a small town 80 miles east of Memphis.

In court Friday, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent Brian Booth read a statement Mary Winkler gave authorities in Alabama, where she was arrested a day after her husband's body was found by church members.

Booth testified that Winkler told police she knew her husband kept a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun in the closet of the home where they lived with their three daughters. She said she didn't remember getting the gun.

"The next thing I remember was hearing a loud boom. I remember thinking it wasn't as loud as I thought it would be," Booth said, reading from Winkler's statement.

She told police her husband rolled from the bed onto the floor after being shot.

"He asked me why, and I just said `I'm sorry,'" Booth read from the statement.

Prosecutor Walter Freeland said Matthew Winkler was shot in the back from close range with a 12-gauge shotgun as he lay in bed, with the blast breaking his spine and tearing into internal organs.

Winkler said she and her husband had argued throughout the evening about several things, including family finances. The problems were "mostly my fault," she said, because she was in charge of keeping the family books.

"He had really been on me lately criticizing me for things -- the way I walk, I eat, everything. It was just building up to a point. I was tired of it. I guess I got to a point and snapped," Booth read to the court.

Judge Weber McCraw is expected to decide, perhaps by next week, if he will set a bond. Prosecutors asked McCraw to keep Winkler in jail to await her trial scheduled in October.
More at Knoxville News: Minister's wife says, 'I snapped'

Past News: June 12, 2006
The Jackson Sun-Selmer News: Grand jury to weigh Winkler charges
A grand jury in McNairy County is expected to decide Monday whether to indict the wife of a prominent Church of Christ minister on homicide charges in the March 22 shooting death of her husband.
Mary Winkler, 32, was arrested in Orange Beach, Ala., almost 24 hours after her husband, 31-year-old Matthew Winkler, was found shot in the back at their Selmer home. Police said she had taken the couple's three young daughters and fled to the Gulf Coast area in her minivan after the shooting. [read more]
KnoxNews : Additional information Winkler may be indicted Monday

UPDATE: Although Mary Winkler confessed to killing her minister husband, reports indicate Mary Winkler will be pleading Not Guilty to the charges. Still no motive has been given.

BREAKING NEWS REPORTS -The Grand Jury has indicted Mary Winker of 1st Degree Murder, a charge stemmed from premeditated murder.
WVLT Volunteer TV, Knoxville, TN: Grand Jury Indicts Wife of Slain Preacher

June 14, 2006 -Updated information at Assorted Babble News or click here.

The Median Sib - Mary Winkler - FINALLY some news!!
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