Saturday, September 16, 2006

Good Bye to The Blogging Tories Blogroll (UPDATED)

I have been endorsing The Blogging Tories Blogroll for almost a year without my blog listed. I have family, friends, a business partner and readers that reside in Canada and I visit frequently Canadian Blogs. In addition, I post on Canada news occasionally. Unfortunately, I was informed that my blogs were not acceptable to be added to their blogroll. There is a link to join and it did not state you had to live in Canada to place their icon, roll on your blog and join, only to email Stephen or Craig that you had added them to your site. Sounds alittle misleading to me for endorsing their site.

Sorry friends and readers that visit their site from this blog, you will have to go through other means to find their site from this point on. Very soon, this removal of their blog roll will no longer be on my main blog site either and this post will be transferred to Assorted Babble. Note: The link above will be removed in the near future and wishing them the best with their website. Bye-Bye!!


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Attention to my friends and Barry at Blogs for Fox, Blogs for Condi, The Royal Flush, and many other conservative blogs that endorse their site, this may be something to consider. At least, Captain Ed was allowed on there.

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