Monday, October 23, 2006

Florida will Execute Danny Rolling on Wednesday

In late Aug 1990, Danny Rolling murdered five young people, three days in a row, the weekend before the fall semester began at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The brutal details included Rolling stabbing and mutilating his victims, sexually assaulted three of the four women and decapitated three different murder scenes.

The Five Young Lives that fell victim to Rolling's savagery are:

Sonya Larson, 18 of Deerfield Beach (Williamsburg Village Apartments)
Christina Powell, 17, of Jacksonville (shared apartment with Sonya Larson)
Christa Hoyt, 18, of Archer (lived alone in a duplex)
Tracy Inez Paules, 23, of Miami (Gatorwood Apartments)
Manuel R. Taboada, 23, of Carol City (shared apartment with Tracy Paules)

Sonya Larson's mom, Ada said "He's trying to get out of it by saying it's cruel and unusual punishment," she went on to say "How can [lethal injection] be cruel, considering what he did? It's a cakewalk, compared to what he did.....I think he ought to be stabbed as many times as he stabbed all his victims."

This monster deserves the death penalty and I am glad Florida carries it out, unfortunately for the families of the victims, they have had to wait more than 16 years and more than 12 after Rolling's confessions in the courtroom. On Wednesday scheduled at 6 p.m. and hoping for no last-minute delays, Danny Rolling will be injected for his day with death in Starke.

It is somewhat ironic, one of the victims, Sonya Larson, her brother Jim Larson was married to Carla that grew up in Pompano Beach, after Sonya's death, seven years later, 1997 in Orlando, Carla was abducted from a grocery store parking lot. Her dead nude body was found in a field two days later. Her killer, John Huggins sits on the same Death Row as Rolling. At that time, Jim and Carla had a sweet little 13 month old daughter, that Jim Larson's life revolves around now raising her. My heart and prayers go out to all the families.....Many gathered this past week in Broward County to celebrate the young lives that were cut is very sad that such evil exist and lurks among us...then and now.

The full story can be read at the South FLorida Sun-Sentinel.

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