Friday, June 23, 2006

John Couey Confession and Court Day Set

Via ABC Action News: INVERNESS - John Couey was in a bay area courtroom, and so was mark Lunsford.

It's the first time the two have been in the same room since the brutal death of little Jessica Lunsford last year.

A hearing at the Citrus County courthouse is what put the two in the same place.
The hearing dealt with the legality of John Couey's confession.

It wrapped up about 6 pm Friday, with no decision from the judge on the issue just yet.

It was a very uncomfortable day, sharing the courtroom with his daughter's accused killer.
Much of the testimony brought back some very painful memories.

Read More excerpts from the confession here from Police interview recordings and Courtroom excerpts.

Again, no ruling today, but the judge did indicate he will make his decision next Friday, June 30th.
The judge did confirm today the jury for John Couey's trial will be selected in Lake County, that's in central Florida.
The trial is expected to start in just a couple of weeks.

John Couey's taped confession was clearly too much for Mark Lunsford to bear, giving chilling details of Jessica's death.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mark Lunsford, Jessica's family and friends. This is going to be more than heart breaking to hear more details in this horrific case.


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