Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Please Help Find Ashley Howley

Lilo writes.....

"Next month will mark two full years that Ashley has been gone, lost to those that loved her, her family, her friends. And although her case has been long forgotten by the media... it has not been forgotten by those that knew her best. And, they are desperate to share her story... and hopefully move someone enough to provide the information needed to bring her home."

For more on this important Missing precious girl, please click here.


Blogger angelleah_xstripper said...

advice from a ex stripper
This is my first blog , and i am hoping that through this blog that if just one girl
reads my letter she will understand what i am about to share .

when i was in my late 20s i took my first job as a stripper in a local night club in Newark ohio . The pay was good and sure i had all the eyes on me, i was in control of the men
, you see i was in a very bad relationship with a abusive husband that lowered my self esteem to the point i felt like trash. and for 13 years i delt with his physical , mental and verble bull sh#T . Then finally after going through hell , i divorced him after he landed me in the icu unit at the hospital . Upon recovery i regained my self independance very slowly and after the pain and suffering i endured, i finally was free from his control, or so i thought.

I took my first job as a exotic dancer , and at first it was strange , me on stage all eyes on me the money was flying everywhere, and then it dawned on me . I had the control this time . i was the one that was in total control . I gave them the fantasy

teased and enticed them in to thinking i was going home with them.
The money was pouring in and i was in seventh heaven.
a few drinks here and there , sitting with my customers to ( drink hustle ) as they would call it. each drink i could get them to buy me i made a commision. Wow how easy was that? Yeah right but i was to find out that later on in the night i was a drunk as a skunk , staggering out to my car and any tom dick and harry looked pretty damn good by then ;/ I always had one or two men ask me to scr*w them . and they would promise big money in return for the favors.

I dealt with alot of jerks , got stiffed by the owners , had to tip out every night to the dj then the baertender and after that i was lucky to come home with less than 200.00
a night .

The more i made the more they took from me.
i had to buy new outfits and shoes for my customers to get the tips going
God i loved the dancing and i was good at it but after doing a set of three dances on the pole and floor work after rotating 8,9 girls your body and feet felt kike you were beat up . my feet swelled i reaked of beer or hard liquor, i prayed to GOD i would make it home in one piece driving home! i held my breath as i drove past the police that were monitoring the streets after the club closed.

not to mention the slakers that stood around outside my car thinking theywere going to get something free.
I have had girls steal my clothes and shoes, take my money, steal my customers right in front of my eyes!
There was always some girl puking in the toilet or passed out from the drink hustling
sometimes the other dancers would have to help her out to her car!

I have been bit and smacked by customers , grabbed at you name it its happened.

and the private dances , well they were more private than you even imagined
some girls would have oral sex with the customers for big money$$$
others would wait and just sit on their laps and have sex .

The friction (lap dances) were nothing more that getting a guy hard till they
almost went in their pants , and all that grinding and getting close , you did come in contact with bodily fluids ( how sanitary was that ???)

I was no more than a pole whore ( the glamor and glitz i thought i knew sucked me into drugs and alcholism quickly , with the desperstion of needing money i even did
hand jobs for quick cash .

I had no longer become the beautifull exotic dancer that men groaned over
i was turned in to a whore that reaked of alchol and drugs.
i turned to the alchol for comfort , the drugs to help the pain and my depression
an i was on a collision course with death or jail .

so you really wanna be a exotic dancer huh?

I am hopin that just one girl that reads this can relate to what i went through
for 10 long years !!!
and hopfully we will not be looking for another ASHLEY LYN HOWLEY

they said it was foul play
no sh*t now you see what the real life of a stripper is like
most strippers are abused or past abused wemon, they have been in or are in a controling relationship, so they turn to the alchol and the drugs cause for me it numbed the pain and made me happy and loved ( sort of )
my life was a mariage ' and when i woke up and realized that it was takin me down the road to ruin i quit dancing ...

do i miss it Sure i miss the dancing the clothes and the money
and all that attention , but i would not go back to that life again no matter what.
i could have been a vicim of foul play just as sky ( ashly was )

My prayers go out to her mom and dad and family
and i can truly understand what anguish shew is going through.
cause of the actions of my life now my daughter is dancing and to this day i worry for her saftey and well being.

i am not here to bash the exotic dancers life only to let you know
that with the good follows the bad no matter how good it looks .

My name is Tawny (ex stripper )
and this is my story

8/06/2006 2:37 AM  

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