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Horror in Purcell, Ok - Little Jamie Rose Bolin

I am sure it was like any other day in Purcell, Oklahoma until one of their babies went missing.
Little 10 yr old Jamie Rose Bolin was a cute little girl about 4-feet tall, weighed about 110 pounds, red shoulder length hair, blue eyes and lots of freckles. Just precious! She loved riding her green bicycle with pink/purple lettering. She was wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes or flip flops when she was abducted Wed afternoon at the library. I am sure she trusted her neighbor that lived in the same building complex as she did. All along Murderer Kevin Ray Underwood, 26 yrs old was pre-meditating the worst crime that Prosecutor Tim Kuykendall had ever seen in his 24 yr job. He said it was “heinous and atrocious”.

"We were sitting outside his patio door the entire time," said Linda Chiles, an
aunt of slain Jamie Rose Bolin. "I don't know if it's a good thing to know
because, honestly, we could have been sitting there at the very moment he killed
her and that's an awful thing to think about", said her aunt Linda that lives in
Guthrie. "That guy took a life that had just begun," she said. "Her daddy is not
going to walk her down the aisle. She's not going to have babies. She's not
going to get married. I mean, it's over for her, and this guy is sitting all
cozy in a jail cell eating dinner right now and that's the reality of it."
The apartment manager, Tim Bayer told the FBI agents he heard Underwood was the last person to see Bolin before she went missing and about 3:45 p.m. the agents found Underwood. He was questioned about the girl’s disappearance according to the affidavit.

[ When they were finished questioning Underwood, agents took him back to his apartment. He agreed to let agents search his apartment to make sure she wasn’t there. When looked in a bedroom closet, they found a large plastic container sealed with duct tape.
Underwood today agents the container was filled with comic books. When agents opened the container, they found a shirt believed to belong to Bolin. Underwood then told agents, “go ahead and arrest
me. She is there. I chopped her up,”the affidavit said. ]

Note: Underwood had Blogs including BLOGSPOT AND MYSPACE too!!

Live News Conference:
Evidence Found- Jamie's bicycle dismantled under the Defendant’s bed.
Other items seized from the apartment included:
-decorative dagger believed to be used in an attempt to cut off the victim’s head – A hacksaw-Duct Tape – Meat Tenderizer – BBQ Skewers – Duffle Bag – A mug, the victim is believed to have brought with her when she entered the apartment on Wed. – Video on SERIAL KILLERS – A computer – A wooden Cutting Board-
The State Medical Examiners Office reports, the victim is believed to have been hit on the head with the wooden cutting board 3-4 times. Investigators believe the defendant put his hand over her mouth to smother here as well as having piece of duct tape put over her mouth. They believe Jamie Bolin was killed before their search began.

Other potential targets or victims, both children and adults are believed by the investigators were part of the defendant’s plans, before Bolin was chosen.

The Motive potentially was to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cut their head, drain the body of blood, rape the corpse, eat the corpse, then dispose of the organs and bones.

Little Jamie Bolin was found with deep saw marks to her neck in an apparent attempt to decapitate the body by the defendant. It is believed the body was sexually molested after the death.

Will update ....I just cannot continue at this moment.
Excerpts from Fox News (link below)
"Jamie was in the apartment below us the whole time," said Rose Fox, Jamie's grandmother. "The only reason that he couldn't move the body and hide it was because somebody was out there the whole time, either on the balcony smoking or standing in front of the apartment.

Underwood liked to stand outside his apartment and watch children play. He said Underwood didn't have a car of his own and that he kept his apartment clean. (source Fox News)

Jamie lived upstairs in an apartment with her father, Curtis Bolin, an auto
mechanic, her grandmother said. Jamie's mother, Jenny, is a truck driver in
Oklahoma City. The couple separated several years ago, Fox said.
Fox said the family is distraught, especially the child's father, who remained under
sedation. "His whole life revolved around Jamie," Fox said. "He didn't go out
and party. He didn't drink or smoke. This has probably destroyed him."Fox News-More Details

Additional Sources:
Associated Press
Fox News
Purcell Register
Update: H/T: Lilo-Jamie Rose Bolin
Look Who’s Tattling Now has an excellent post on Kevin Ray Underwood and all his Blogs!! Absolutely mind blowing!!!
This monster's blog on, he posted the day after killing and raping Jamie Bolin.

Follow-up post on Kevin Ray Underwood click here - Kevin Ray Underwood Had Blogs . After Easter I will be updating on my main blog - Assorted Babble


Blogger lostinlimaohio said...

Suzie... for more information on this monster than you could ever possibly want to read- may I suggest fellow crime blogger Look Who's Tattleing Now- she has an excellent post on him, including links to his blogger sites. (Yep... you read that right- Blogger hosted sites, chalk Blogger down for having two of the worst murdering pedophiles bloggin via their service- and just think, less than a year apart)

I'm so sickened by this... I had a hard time listening to the DA talk about it... and just couldn't manage my thoughts well enough to continue bloggin it today. It just seems to get worse and worse.

4/15/2006 11:20 PM  
Blogger OptyMyst said...

I completely understand your nt being able to go on, Suzie. I am worn to a frazzle, because I can't sleep until I figure things out. The kid in Pennsylvania killing his family and this poor sweet baby's murder have kept me up for days.

I am going to go take a hot bath, have some tea and then come back and write about Jamie. I can't let this creep take my peace have his name overshadow the beauty that was so clearly shining in images of this lost baby. I am sending peace to you and Lima, too.

Hang in.

4/15/2006 11:53 PM  
Blogger Kevin Needs Help said...

You know to sad part of all this. I have read all his blogs I just wanted to see how screwed up he was, but sadly all i saw was a young guy who needed medication, the medication that would have prolly saved him from this monster like act he has committed. I am not saying he should be let off but he obviously had some serious mental issues. Sadly a young girls life was taken, but Kevin does not deserve to death penitly, Kevins death is not going to bring back that precious little girl. Kevin needs to be in an instituation. If you read ALL his blogs you will see he was not this big bad monster, just a guy with mental issues in need of medication.

4/17/2006 2:37 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

There was just a blip on this on tonights news. Folks showed up at the court house with a rope wanting to string him up ya know that sounds like a damn fine idea to most of the people I know.

4/17/2006 7:21 PM  
Blogger Rachelk said...

There is a deep place in hell for people like this. God said vengence is mine...well send the fucker to God and let him meet out punishment. i hope he is put on the express lane to execution. This was a baby people. It doesnt matter if this man "needed medication" this was someone's baby and to do this atrocity to a baby just because nobody wanted to be your friend does not excuse it. People come on...he deserves to fry...this is deep seeded evil...the best way to deal with evil is to send it to God...well I vote we kill the bastard or at least put him in the General Prison and send a letter to all prisoners with daughters or sisters and tell them what he did......see how this fucker holds up then!!!!!

12/07/2007 9:12 AM  
Blogger DavidS said...

"A big tall tree and a short piece of rope, hang em' up high and let em' swang till the sun goes down."
-Hank Williams Jr.

12/07/2007 9:17 AM  

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